Craig R Nener


M.Arch (Hons)

Craig began his introduction to architecture in Denmark during a travel scholarship with an education centred on Nordic pragmatism and simplicity. He returned home to Perth to work his way through university at Curtin University and the University of Western Australia (UWA) while drafting for various architecture firms.

In his short career, Craig has been awarded in numerous student, professional, and design-based capacities, namely; the Cox Howlett and Bailey Woodland Architectural Award in 2017, Vice Chancellor Awards in 2013 & 2014, and a joint recipient of the Gil Nicol Award travel bursary.

During university, Craig explored the speculative world of the coming refugee crisis, proposed sun-light informed building envelopes, critiqued the use of smart homes, conducted forensic research of a Roman Chapel in Damascus, and participated in two design studios abroad. He was critiqued and mentored at RCR in Olot, Spain — forming a deep understanding of landscape and our place within it. He was awarded the winner for the pavilion design competition at the Lisbon Architecture Triennial under the guidence of EMBAIXADA architects in Portugal. From there he has developed a fondness for the region and its architectural evolution as its landscape is uncannily familiar to his place of birth — the Australian Country.

Since graduating, with distinction, from UWA, Craig has worked with several award-winning architect practices. Such as; rural projects with an indigenous focus at IPH, international hotels and distinctive works with National Emerging Architect, Nic Brunsdon, and groundbreaking residential work with MORQ architects.

Craig has spent his time in the engine room sketching, drafting, and cranking out solutions, visions, and mistakes — his diverse archive can attest to this. From the drawing board to the 3D modeling of BIM, he has acquired an efficiency and depth of understanding that has formulated a lethal capacity to iterate and explore the potential of an architecture founded in landscape, tectonics, atmospheres, and intent.

Most recently, Craig has been offered a position on the shortlist as a junior architect at Herzog and de Meuron in Basel. Expecting to begin this employment at the end of 2019.

Photo: Andrew Richards

Photo: Andrew Richards