Location: Zhejiang, China


Project Team: Nic Brunsdon, Craig Nener, Michelle Kar, and in collaboration with Manguning

Status: Design Devlopment

Words: Nic Brunsdon

The Anji Spa Resort & Onsen is a 50-bed luxury retreat for families and couples in the county of Anji, 3-hours west of Shanghai.

On the top of a mountain, and situated on a natural water spring, this resort creates a space for the celebration of water.

Onsen’s and bathhouses form the experiential attraction, luring both domestic and international guests. In the vein of the Thermal Vals by Peter Zumthor in Switzerland, this ritual of bathing is an attraction unto itself.

Supplemented by a simple layout of accommodation in clusters, there is the opportunity to sleep up to 150 people on site per night. The site is also part of a continually inhabited village and part of our work was re-integrating the existing structures into a ‘new history’ for the site.

Our work was seen as the next chapter in a long lineage of visitation and celebration of the fresh spring.